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Believing in yourself and ability for a better future.


Bringing integrity and respect into your daily life.

Personalize Your Pathway

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Defining Your Recovery

Exploring what recovery means to you.

Our Recovery Coaching Includes:

Multiple Pathway Programs

Wild Path

There's no one perfect road to recovery and everyone's journey is going to be a little different. New Leaf You is about finding the path that works for you and working that plan with a compassion guide.

Recovery-Infused Yoga Sessions

Yoga is good for the mind, body, and soul... and recovery and yoga are a natural fit.

Recovery-Infused Yoga provides a place where anyone that has experienced trauma can work through and released the past through action that supports present living. The purpose of the community-centered program is to be open for all who wish to heal; Recovery-Infused Yoga believes in a community that heals.

"Recovery" isn't just treatment for one ailment. It's a lifestyle, a change in mindset and habits that supports a healthy approach to the world and our struggles as human beings. Yoga treats the whole person, mind, body, and soul, to help support recovering people on their journey


Compassionate, Experienced Coach To Guide You


Lindsay Belcastro

As a recovery coach, Lindsay will promote your recovery and help to remove obstacles and barriers as you find your path to recovery.

"I have been a person in recovery since October 25, 2013. I teach a recovery-based yoga, focused on evolution towards a community that heals."

Owner & Coach of New Leaf You
Founder & Executive Director of Recovery Infused Yoga
Certified Peer Recovery Coach

Your Healing, Helps Others Heal

When you enroll in New Leaf You Recovery Coaching, money is reinvested into Recovery-Infused Yoga to help provide yoga and recovery to those who cannot afford it.
Let's raise millions to save billions!




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